Hulu documentary chronicles the life and loves of fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg

The fashion designer created the iconic wrap dress and blazed a trail for women everywhere

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Hulu doc chronicles life of fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg
The life of fashion icon, trailblazer and survivor Diane Von Furstenberg is examined in Hulu's documentary "Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge."

She is a fashion icon, who changed women's wardrobes with her creation of the "wrap dress."

Now the life of Diane Von Furstenberg is being examined in the new Hulu documentary, "Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge."

In the trailer, seen in the above video, Von Furstenberg states, "The adventure of my own life has been incredible."

Viewers will learn about her early years as the child of a Holocaust survivor, her love life, the beginnings of her career and the troubles her fashion label went through.

Documentary directors Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Trish Dalton said in a statement, "This project presented us with a unique opportunity to share the story of a remarkable feminist icon, a woman whose pioneering spirit opened doors for her generation, and generations to come. Meeting Diane, we were taken by her fierce sense of mission to empower women leaders around the world, and her tireless efforts to reach out to women needing confidence and drive as they stand up against adversity today."

"Throughout the year we spent documenting her life, Diane's ethos of living authentically, unapologetically, and courageously fighting for justice and personal rights profoundly influenced us."

The statement continued, "We aspire for this film to not only celebrate Diane's remarkable life but also to ignite a sense of empowerment in women of all ages, at a time when women's rights and freedoms are being challenged. It's a call to embrace their innate power and live life on their own terms, as Diane von Furstenberg has so inspiringly demonstrated and championed."

"Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge" premieres at the TriBeCa Film Festival June 5. It will stream on Hulu beginning June 25.

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