SFPD deployed for VP Kamala Harris' campaign event while demonstrators blocked sidewalks

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Thursday, June 6, 2024
SFPD deployed for VP Kamala Harris' campaign event
Demonstrators took over sidewalks and streets as Vice President Kamala Harris made her way to political events in Oakland and San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris visited multiple Bay Area cities for political fundraising events. Demonstrators took over sidewalks and streets as the Vice President made her way to political events in Oakland and San Francisco.

"A strong opponent of Israel's occupation of Gaza. The genocide and war - they have waged on both Gaza and the West bank since October 7 but for years and years before," said Justin Dolezal, one of the demonstrators on the Mission District.

San Francisco police officers were deployed in riot gear hours before the Vice President arrived to her fundraising event in the Mission District.

"It is shameful that anybody would host a fundraiser for this administration as they are actively facilitating a genocide," said Lara Kiswani, organizer with the Arab Resource and Organizing Center.

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The same group is planning more demonstrations on Thursday when Former President Donald Trump will be in San Francisco.

"We are hoping that more people each day would realize that it's not only unacceptable and it will be met with disruption when you support and try to fundraise for a administration facilitating a genocide - but you are also on the wrong side of history," said Kiswani.

Regardless of political party, Menlo College political science professor Melissa Michelson explains why fundraising in the Bay Area is crucial.

"We are a bipartisan piggy bank both for democrats and republicans - understand that coming to the Bay Area where there is a lot of political interest and a lot of money is a good way to raise campaign funds," said Professor Michelson.


Trump had 9% of the votes in San Francisco during the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton. On Thursday, tech leaders will host him in the city.

"There is a huge battle happening between progressives and conservatives. Republicans and democrats and all these people are like, I want to be part of what is happening and a way that they can be part of what is happening is to give money," said Professor Michelson.

According to Professor Michelson, both political parties fundraising in the Bay Area at the same time is strategic.

"There is that added pressure now that conviction of Donald Trump has come out, both sides want to show how they are getting momentum out of that decision," said Professor Michelson. "It is all about the timing of political fundraising. Campaigns report their fundraising every quarter. Every three months and the end of June is the end of a quarter. So there is a huge push this month to raise as much money as possible."

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