Disturbing flier about Cricket World Cup prompts NYPD terror warning in New York

Police say there is no credible threat against the event, but they will still be on high alert.

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Thursday, May 30, 2024
Disturbing flier about Cricket World Cup prompts NYPD terror warning in New York
After the terror group's attacks overseas, authorities here in the U.S. are now on alert ahead of a major sports tournament.

NEW YORK -- The upcoming Cricket World Cup in Nassau County, New York, along with associated events in New York City, could be viewed by extremists as "an attractive opportunity to perpetrate acts of violence or disruption," according to a new assessment by the NYPD Intel Bureau.

An NYPD bulletin says pro-ISIS propaganda specifically mentioned the upcoming India-Pakistan match next month. Police say there is no credible threat against the event, but they will still be on high alert.

"Recent pro-ISIS propaganda which specifically referenced the upcoming India-Pakistan match at this major event, coupled with sustained official and supporter-generated propaganda highlighting large-scale sports venues as priority targets, raises concerns and reinforces the need for heightened vigilance among public and private-sector security partners," the NYPD said.

The NYPD assessment, obtained by ABC News, references the March attack outside of Moscow along with a series of other incidents that underscore the current threat environment. It also mentioned a May 28 posting on a pro-ISIS channel that showed a hooded figure with a rifle on its back and drones in the background that mentioned "Nassau Stadium."

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The assessment was distributed to law enforcement throughout the region. So far there is no evidence of any plot, but law enforcement is taking no chances and mapping out a plan to keep spectators and residents safe.

The 34,000-seat stadium is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of spectators from across the globe.

It's the first time the Cricket World Cup will be held in Nassau County at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. The first Nassau County cricket match is set for Saturday as a warmup and then Nassau is expected to host eight matches in 11 days starting on Monday.

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said he has been meeting with other agencies for nearly seven months.

"The threats that we have received go back to April when it was a global and international-style threat from what's called ISIS-K then it got more specific toward the actual game of India vs. Pakistan but did not name the place, then yesterday you all saw the video that went global, and they are calling for that lone wolf to act out," Ryder said.

Ryder said all threats are handled the same.

"I can ask 12 of the best law enforcement leaders in the country to tell me what's credible and you'll get different definitions, everything is credible, when you've got a game as big as this, everything is credible, we will go through every fine detail when it comes to the security and safety of the residents here in Nassau County," he said.

Ryder says about 100 extra officers will be added to the park and there will be metal detectors. Spectators will not be able to bring bags with the exception of clear ones for medical reasons.

"In preparation for the Cricket World Cup, my Administration has been working for months with federal law enforcement and Nassau County to ensure New Yorkers and visitors are safe," the statement said. "This has included close coordination with the New York State Police Counter Terrorism Unit and New York State Police Troop L, based on Long Island. While there is no credible public safety threat at this time, we continue to monitor the situation closely. I have also directed the New York State Police to engage in elevated security measures, including an increased law enforcement presence, advanced surveillance, and thorough screening processes. Public safety is my top priority and we are committed to ensuring the Cricket World Cup is a safe, enjoyable experience."