Trans Chorus of Los Angeles provides safe space for trans people to find their voice

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Saturday, June 8, 2024
LA chorus helps trans people find their voice
The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles is where trans people of all ages and genders can find their voice - often literally.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles is a place where trans people find their voice, quite literally.

Abdullah "Abby" Hall, the Artistic Director of the group, stated, "I open up my mouth and it sounds like Barry White came out of my mouth, which defies my speaking voice because I don't sound like Barry White, but when I sing Barry White comes out."

The chorus is certainly one-of-a-kind. Hall continued, "We are the nations only trans chorus that is S-A-T-B Which is soprano, alto, tenor, bass and baritone."

Kathryn Davis, the Executive Director of the chorus explained, "We want to let people to see us, see our diversity, let them know that we're here, that we're proud to be here and that we enjoy showing who we are to the world."

Corrine Burch moved to LA during the pandemic. "Music is my background. I went to Berkeley college of music and so I missed singing especially missed singing in a group. With my new voice being on testosterone, I needed a trans community where I could explore and people could understand and folks would be able to support me while I figure things out."

Hall added, "You have to love this voice even when you're transitioning even when you're going through hormone replacement therapy you must love the sound that's coming out and the moment you embrace that sound then you're going to make a wonderful musical sound."

Not only is this a safe place - it also helps to build awareness.

Hall continued, "Our chorus is all about the victory and celebration of being trans and non binary and intersex - we should be celebrating who we are. Each one of these identities are strong and each one of them are valid - so what better way to celebrate them than through music."