Man accidentally eats pot brownies, cusses at cat

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Thursday, August 18, 2016
A generic cat and a stack of brownies

OMAHA, NE -- An Omaha man who mistakenly ate four brownies laced with pot had some words with his cat on Tuesday, our sister station ABC13 has learned.

The Omaha World-Herald reports police officers were called to a house about 9:45 pm Tuesday to investigate an accidental overdose.

When they arrived, police discovered a 53-year-old man had found the brownies in the back seat of a car that his adult children had used and ate four of the snacks.

Soon after, the man's wife noticed a change in his mood. She called her children, but couldn't reach them. Omaha police say he eventually "panicked" and called police.

While police were at the house, one of the couple's children arrived and told officers the brownies belonged to his siblings. He told them he was "pretty sure it was just marijuana in the brownies," according to a police report.

The Omaha World-Herald reports paramedics who checked the man found his vital signs normal, but said he was crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat a "b*tch."

Omaha Police Department Officer Kevin Randahl confirmed to Eyewitness News, "He insulted his cat."

The man declined to go to the hospital, and went to bed instead.

An Omaha police spokesman told the Omaha paper the investigation into the incident is over.

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