President Biden visits SF: here's what he discussed about future of health technology, AI

ByJ.R. Stone and Lena Howland, Suzanne Phan KGO logo
Thursday, September 28, 2023
Biden visits SF: here's what he discussed in health tech, AI
As anticipated, the president talked technology with his council of advisers before heading out to meet with some fundraising supporters.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- President Joe Biden is in the Bay Area on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco after a private fundraiser in Atherton Tuesday night.

"Our president is here! I'm so excited, that's so nice! I hope we get a glimpse of him and his beautiful wife, the first lady!" Lynn Schmidt, a Texas resident said.

Excitement was running high from tourists walking by after figuring out all the security that shut down surrounding blocks to the Fairmont Hotel was for the Head of State.

"Unexpectedly got a delivery at my door notifying me that the Head of State would be staying here," Chris Mendler, a North Carolina resident said.

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UAW strikers in Bolingbrook, IL reacted to President Joe Biden joining the picket line in Michigan.

Mendler, here for a work conference from Raleigh, North Carolina, says he believes he's staying on the floor above the President.

"I believe he may be just a floor away and I believe they take over the whole floor so I see sweeps of the hotel, lots of dogs sniffing around and plenty of security sweeps constantly, it's pretty cool actually, I feel like I'm in the most secure place in the United States right now," he said.

But neighbors seem to be unphased by the high security and blocked-off roads.

"Every time the tent behind me comes out, I usually assume it's the President or the Vice President or the First Lady," Kyle Gaughan, a neighbor said.

President Biden is expected to meet with his Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Wednesday morning, which includes experts from across the Bay Area.

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President Joe Biden's first stop in the Bay Area this week was a nature preserve, located on the shores of San Francisco Bay where he announced new investments in climate projects.

According to CNN, an administration official says he's expected to preview a new artificial intelligence executive order.

It will reportedly "seize the opportunities and manage the risks" posed by AI.

Biden is also planning to announce $100 million in new funding for health technology research.

"I think he's being strategic in meeting with people that can help him but not just help him in California," David Wilson, the UC Berkeley Dean of Goldman School of Public Policy said. "AI technology, the innovations that are happening in California are important but he's also got a great ally in the governor here and the governor has a great presence in Northern California so this is an opportunity for him to connect with voters on issues and learn about what kinds of things he should be thinking about next."

President Biden has two other private campaign receptions scheduled before he's expected to leave from SFO Wednesday evening.

One fundraiser is near China Beach.

"We're an important state and there are a lot of constituents important in this state. I'm glad he's spending the time," said Holly Carver who lives in the neighborhood where one of the fundraisers was held.

Betty Louie is a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and SF Chinatown Merchants Association. She saw all the road closures and extra security in San Francisco and said that's a sign of what could come.

"The security measures that we're going to have to take in San Francisco-- when APEC shows up in November--this is a whiff of what we're going to get," Louie said.

"It was kind of overwhelming. There's so much security here involved, and all the periphery streets closed. So, we're going to see a lot of street closures in November," said Louie. "Twenty-one heads of state all in town all at the same time plus President Biden is going to make a return visit. It's going to be crazy."

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