We can't get enough of these Drag Queen transformations for BLM

ByJohanna Trupp Localish logo
Friday, June 26, 2020
Drag Queens go all out for Black Lives Matter
These amazing drag queens are showing off their talented makeup skills.

NEW YORK -- This year marks the 50th year of the NYC Pride March. Usually, rainbow flags would line the streets and New Yorkers would turn out in their most colorful attire to celebrate love and equality for all.

Unfortunately, there won't be a march this year but there will still be a celebration!

Pride is about loving yourself and expressing who you are. Whether it be through words, a sign, fashion, or Glam Lab's favorite... makeup. When it comes to makeup - Drag Queens are as talented as they come.

When it comes to makeup... Drag Queens are as talented as they come.

So what goes into getting into character before they take the stage?

We got a look behind the curtain with the Queens of 'Black Girl Magic' - a show that doesn't just entertain - but raises money and awareness for Black Lives Matter.

Glam Lab gets a look behind the curtain at their insanely talented makeup skills before the show!

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