WHOOPS: Man records couple's entire proposal with phone in selfie mode

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Thursday, July 12, 2018
Man accidentally records proposal in selfie mode
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NEW MEXICO -- Getting engaged can be overwhelming for both the person popping the question and the one getting the ring, which is why many couples ask someone to document the proposal.

For one New Mexico man, that someone was an adorable grandfather he met on a train. And one thing is for sure... the moment was memorable.

The grandfather's name is John Hart, and he accidentally recorded the whole thing in selfie mode.

That means he only captured his own thrilled reaction to the picturesque proposal.

Fortunately, someone else happened to be rolling at the same time, so the couple didn't lose out.

The best part? Hart used to be a photographer in the Navy. But we'll cut him a break since they just didn't have iPhones back then.