Teachers grade distance learning, weigh in on how it's going

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pretty much all bay area schools started the school year virtually.

We knew there would be some growing pains with distance learning. To find out how the school year has been going so far, we spoke to some Bay Area educators.


"The biggest challenge is for our teachers to find a balance between work and life. They are spending 12 or more hours everyday teaching, planning, collaborating, connecting with families. Every day I'm working with a teacher who is crying, because they're giving it all that they have and it's just really, really hard," said Susan Lavelle, Intervention Support Teacher at Union School District.

"Building that teacher to student relationship is hard. You can't see that 'a-ha' moment right away or you can't see where some students may be suffering, as quick as you'd like to," said Nick Tsivikas, 5th Grade Teacher at Roy Cloud School.

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"I think it's going remarkably well for the children. They are responsive, they are turning in their work, they're excited to see their peers and their teacher," said Theresa Hull, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher at Guadalupe Elementary School.

"This is not forever. We will see students back at school at some point and that will be a very happy day for everybody involved," said Megan Wright, Instructional Support Teacher at Union School District.

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