Coronavirus Doctor's Note: Why are COVID-19 cases increasing? It's not just because there's more testing

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Why are COVID-19 cases rising? Increased testing is not the only answer
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ABC7 Special Correspondent Doctor Alok Patel discusses why the rise in COVID-19 cases is not only related to the increase in testing.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- President Trump is among people who say the reason we're seeing more cases is because we're testing more. It's a reason, but not the only reason.

ABC7 News Special Correspondent Doctor Alok Patel says we are finding more mild and asymptomatic cases, but positivity rates are also going up -- that means a greater proportion of COVID-19 tests are turning positive.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) says the positivity rate of tests should be below 5% for two weeks before businesses reopen. But according to Johns Hopkins, the positivity rate is above 5% in more than 20 states including Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Georgia.

Hospitalizations are also rising in several states, even reaching new records. Dr. Patel points out that has nothing to do with testing more.

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Dr. Patel says other reasons include businesses are reopening, there's quarantine fatigue, and people aren't wearing masks.

"Say no to throwing a house party; eat outdoors, physically distance, and remind your Facebook friend who refuses to wear a mask because it's 'no big deal' that we're very much in the first wave of this pandemic," Patel said.

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