Father, son film wild encounter with pack of raccoons in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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A pack of raccoons startled a dog walking father and son in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park during daylight hours. Watch the wild encounter here.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A man and his son were walking their dog in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and had quite the wild encounter.

As Marc Estoque and his son were walking in the park with their dog in tow, they turned the corner on a path near 43rd Avenue and Fulton when they came across some raccoons.

While it was a surprise to see one, they saw a total of 14 of them.

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Not only was the amount unusual to witness, but this was in the middle of the day. Raccoons don't wander until darker hours typically due to their nocturnal nature.

The adventure wasn't over for the father and son, not far away they spot a coyote.

VIDEO: Watch the wild encounter here

"Everybody's seen raccoons or occasionally a coyote now a days... that was literally just out of a movie, you know, " Estoque said. "And there were like 14, they were coming right up to us. I think we were too shocked to be scared."

A fun fact to learn is that a group of raccoons is called a nursery and they usually roam in groups of four or five.

The National Park Service warns people to always maintain a safe distance from wildlife.

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