Evacuees describe fire in San Francisco high-rise building

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Residents evacuated from a high-rise in San Francisco's Financial District described seeing flames shooting from their building Monday.

"It was just like really scary because we totally thought it was out and then it kind of re-flared up and then all the glass burst out of the windows," evacuated resident Logan Parr said. "We get a lot of false alarms, but normally we don't smell smoke."

According to Supervisor Aaron Peskin, floors 3-8 and all floors above 21 have been repopulated. Floors 12 and 13 will not be repopulated before Tuesday. Floors 14-20 will be repopulated through the night.

Firefighters had to punch holes through walls, which exposed asbestos.

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The San Francisco Fire Department says while no one suffered any physical injuries, nine people were treated for smoke inhalation and anxiety.

Crews expected to be on scene for hours. An evacuation center was set up in the Embarcadero Hyatt hotel. Residents from 30 units were displaced by the fire. The city is also opening up an emergency shelter with the Red Cross at the Salvation Army Chinatown Corps on Powell Street.

Residents unaffected by the fire may be allowed back into the building at midnight.
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