San Francisco small businesses already see more revenue as workers return to office

ByRyan Curry KGO logo
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
SF small businesses see more revenue as workers return to office
As many companies returned to the office Monday, small businesses in San Francisco are already seeing much more foot traffic and revenue.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Generel Manager of LuxFit Gym in Downtown San Francisco said Tuesday he is already seeing more people come to his gym. He says as people return to work, more are utilizing their services.

"We are seeing plenty more drop ins," said Michael Conol, the Gym's general manager. "People are getting back into their routines so they are checking us out and it has been great."

Many San Francisco businesses are now asking workers to head back to the office following the pandemic fueled work from home period. Both foot and car traffic, Tuesday was busier than usual.

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Companies are finally calling employees back to the office after two years, but the experience will be different for individuals.

"It was crickets a year ago," said Philip Dizon, who was on his way to attend a meeting. "Glad to see it is now picking up."

And with downtown becoming busier, small businesses like LuxFit Gym are starting to see the benefits. Conol says they opened their downtown location at the beginning of the year. It is in the middle of multiple office buildings, so they are really hoping to see business boom.

"All you can do is hope, but so far it is looking good," Conol said. "Things are still uncertain but we are here to show the community what we offer."