South Bay roofing companies work to keep up with demand after historic storm

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Saturday, January 7, 2023
Roofing companies work to keep up with demand after storm
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Roofing companies in San Jose are busy keeping up with demand as calls for service and repair this week have been nonstop due to the storm.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The skies may be blue over head, but that does not mean we're done with the storm. In fact, the clean up work is really just beginning, especially for roofing companies in the South Bay.

"The roofing business is interesting because every time it rains, you don't sleep well," Los Gatos Roofing co-owner Randy Brown said. "And I haven't slept well the last few nights."

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Brown says what's been keeping him up at night are the more than 150 calls for service and repair over just the last few days due to the storm.

One of those calls came from Benson Lee's House in the Almaden area.

"It was nuts. I was afraid the neighborhood was going to flood," Lee said. "It was on New Year's Eve when this happened. I was just walking into our spare bedroom and I felt a drip and I'm like, 'oh no'."

Thankfully for Lee, it was just minimal damage.

Crews are trying to service as many customers as they can, so they are able to provide temporary fixes until the storms returning this weekend pass and a permanent cleanup can be made. They are all picking up the pieces from a historic storm.

"I've been here since 1994," Brown said.

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"And this is one of the worst?" ABC7 News Reporter Dustin Dorsey asked.

"One of them, yeah," Brown said.

But it's not just residential issues, Alliance Roofing has been dealing with damage at commercial buildings as well.

More than 400 calls for service since Thanksgiving and it's not just the rain causing the issue according to VP of Sales and Business Development Lon Hansen.

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"When you have a wind-driven rain, it will find a way into some of these buildings if it's not water tight," Hansen said. "A little bit of rain, without wind, a lot of times they'll get away with it. But when it blows like it has been blowing, you're going to end up with some leaks if you haven't taken care of it."

Storms with more wind and rain are expected to return tomorrow and stick around through the next week.

Roofing companies will remain busy and they advise customers to stay patient.

"Just try and contain it and hang on until the weather can improve and we can get out and service these customers," Brown said.

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