Coronavirus: 'RV's 4 MD's' keeps front line heroes from endangering their families, offers safe place to quarantine

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Friday, April 10, 2020
'RV's 4 MD's' keeps COVID-19 workforce from putting their families at risk
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A new effort, launched on Facebook in late-March, pairs healthcare workers on the front line with empty RV's. It's a way to ease concern their exposure to COVID-19 could put their own families at risk.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A new effort, launched on Facebook in late-March, pairs healthcare workers on the front line with empty RV's. It's a way to ease concern their exposure to COVID-19 could put their own families at risk.

The online group is called "RV's 4 MD's To Fight the Corona Virus" and it's helping people across Canada and the U.S., including the Bay Area.

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Locally, ABC7 News learned about a Bay Area doctor on the front line and his family at home.

The St. Martin's are taking no chances when it comes to keeping their family safe and healthy.

"He has been on strict protocol when he gets home," Megan St. Martin said about her husband. "We have him strip down at the washing machine, take everything off, and go right to the shower."

This week, the St. Martin's introduced a new measure.

Megan said her husband is now staying at a hotel, staying isolated after work.

"My 3-year-old's been having the most challenge with it," St. Marin said. "Especially last night, daddy drove by and picked up dinner that we left on the sidewalk for him. So that was hard."

The couple has a 5-year-old son, 3-year-old son, and 3-month old son who are now making their father cards and spending time over FaceTime.

"We're preparing for the long run," she said.

This distance allows him to separate himself from his wife and young sons- concerned his exposure could put them at risk.

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Over the weekend, St. Martin came across the RV's 4 MD's Facebook page. She learned their goal of connecting medical professionals on the front line with a place to quarantine, could put her husband in the driveway.

"This Facebook group that I found with the RV's was just amazing," she said. "And Linda and her husband Michael reached out to us right away! As soon as I posted on Sunday, and they have been nothing but great, and we are so appreciative of them."

Michael Poleselli explained, "I was telling Linda on Saturday that, 'Oh, we need to move out the RV and just move it around.' An hour later, she saw the RV's for MD's on Facebook and we said, 'What the heck! It's not being used. Why not?'"

The group behind the Facebook effort connects owners who are willing to lend out their RV's at no cost, to front line heroes.

"The pandemic, the stress, and the anxiety that a lot of people are feeling... It does bring solace to us to be able to bring a little bit of peace to this family," Linda Poleselli added.

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"I think this will help his stress from being at home and carrying- if he has anything- home to all of us," St. Martin told ABC7 News. "He won't be in the house, having to wear a mask at night when he gets home. So, this will definitely help.

Linda added, "Our trailer is just sitting empty. So, we would love to help this family out, who are really the ones that are our heroes, working on the front lines."

Soon, the Poleselli's will leave their 24-foot-long 2017 Aerolite by Dutchmen in the St. Martin's driveway.

It'll stay there until the pandemic passes.

"It'll be nice to have him at least in the driveway," Megan St. Martin told ABC7 News. "So our kids will be able to see him from afar. We can have dinner outside- six feet away from each other."

ABC7 News connected with the leaders behind the Facebook group. No one was immediately available for comment. The page was launched on March 24th, 2020 and as of Tuesday night had a total of 8,590 "likes" on Facebook.

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