Salesforce Transit Center bus deck welcomes back weekday commuters

ByJobina Fortson KGO logo
Monday, August 12, 2019
Salesforce Transit Center bus deck welcomes first weekday commuters
After being closed for 10 months, commuters are finally able to use to the Salesforce Transit Center bus deck again.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Johan Quie was thrilled as he stepped off of the first AC Transit Bus into the Salesforce Transit Center early Monday morning. Busses are back on the bus deck.

"It was a little bit bumpy on the buses, but wow when we got to the terminal it was such a nice experience," Quie said. "We waited so long for this day."

The wait was ten months to be exact. Last September, cracked steel support beams were found in the complex shortly after its grand opening. Officials are assuring ABC7 News everyone is safe.

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"We impaneled our own engineering staff internally to review," Robert Lyles, spokesperson for AC Transit said. "The photos, the inspection reports, you name it. We wanted to make sure that before we put another employee into this building, before we put another rider in this building, that this facility is structurally sound."

Lyles said the transit center will improve the user experience in two big ways.

"One, it allows our riders to be inside and out of the elements," Lyles said. "Two, it's a time savings."

One lane goes directly from the upper deck of the Bay Bridge to the transit center. It should cut down at least 10 to 15 minutes on the ride.

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Michael Mahaley commutes from Oakland. "I'm glad to be back," Mahaley said. "It's about time."

"It's a nice, easy commute," Kerre Reese, an El Sobrante resident said. "I get on at Hercules. I get off here. I nap on the way here. It's great."

Commuters ABC7 News found on Monday morning seemed to know exactly where to go, but just in case, AC Transit has ambassadors on site to help people navigate the space.

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