Unsolved 2022 killing of 32-year-old in SF's Marina gets attention after arrest in Bob Lee's murder

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Friday, April 14, 2023
Unsolved 2022 murder of 32-year-old in SF's Marina gets attention
An arrest was made in Cash App founder Bob Lee's murder, but the fatal shooting of Sam St. Pierre in San Francisco's Marina still hasn't been solved.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Bob Lee murder was a high profile case that was given a lot of attention by police and the media. There was an arrest made only nine days after he was killed. Thursday's arrest brings little comfort to the families of those victims whose cases have yet to be solved, like Sam St. Pierre's.

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It was the evening of June 19, 2022.

San Francisco was preparing for the Golden State Warriors' NBA championship parade with lots of visitors that weekend.

Thirty-two-year-old Sam St. Pierre was a tourist and that night he was in the Marina District.

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According to police, St. Pierre was walking when he encountered someone in a Jeep Cherokee. He approached the vehicle, some words were exchanged and as he was backing away he was shot twice in the chest.

The crime took place on Alhambra and Scott streets, in a quiet upscale San Francisco neighborhood.

Surveillance cameras across the street were able to record everything, including the make and model of the vehicle from which the shots came, a gray Jeep grand Cherokee Limited SUV. It's believed there were three people inside.

But despite all this information and a $50,000 reward, the murder has never been solved.

St. Pierre's parents spoke to us last week from Arizona.

"The problem is that there is somebody out there responsible for this. There are other people who know about it because there were in the car. There are multiple people that were in that car so that person needs to be behind bars before this happens to another family," said Don Carr and Judy Solem, St. Pierre's parents.

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On Thursday, as the Bob Lee high profile case was being solved, we asked Police Chief William Scott if the St. Pierre murder investigation would receive as much attention.

"We hire retired officers, retired investigators to assist in these cases. We have a cold case unit and we don't give up on these cases so if the evidence takes us to an arrest, we definitely will make that arrest, but with that cases we still have more work to do," explained Chief Scott.

According to police, they have solved 85% of homicide cases this year so far.

"To make it clear, that people who commit crimes in our city of any capacity will be brought to justice, that is our goal to make San Francisco a better, more safer city for each and everyone of us," said Mayor London Breed.

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