They're back! Samsung unveils new 'physics defying' flip-phone

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Samsung's first event of the year kicked off with this line -- "You're not just bending glass, you're bending physics."

The Galaxy Z Flip is definitely not the flip-phone of the 90s with a keypad, antennae, and tiny screen. This one boasts a 6-inch screen, 4k video, 12-megapixel camera, fingerprint scan, and face recognition.

But, what had many at the Unpacked 2020 event held in San Francisco Tuesday, mesmerized -- the flex mode that allows you to essentially fold the phone in half, seemingly bending the glass.

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Rebecca Hirst, head of marketing for Samsung UK, was full of flourishing words for the announcement, "It changes everything," she said before showing off the hidden hinge system that allows you to fold the phone without creating gaps between the two pieces.

"It's so durable, you can fold and unfold your phone over 200,000 times."

One content creator at the event said he's excited about the product but still a little skeptical.

"It's amazing to have it but it has a lot of limits of what you can do compared to a smartphone," said Carols Fernandez.

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The new Galaxy S20 line was also introduced which includes a plus and ultra version. Much like its rival, Apple, Samsung is offering its pro film and photography features unlike we've seen in smartphones in the past. The S20 Ultra cameras, for example, are capable of 100x zoom and 108 MP.

It's the new frontier for smartphones, said Brian Heater, editor for TechCrunch.

"Smartphone sales have actually started to decline," said Heater. "We've got a lot of companies vying for the same marketplace. Imaging has been a big thing over the last several years. That's been the war on which most of this has been waged."

Samsung also announced collaborations with X-box and content partnerships with YouTube and Netflix, proving the days when phones were just phones are definitely over.

The Z Flip is available on February 14, the S20 line on March 6.
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