COVID-19 patient marries fiancée at San Antonio hospital

Friday, August 14, 2020
San Antonio COVID-19 patients gets married in hospital
Last month, this Texas man's lungs collapsed. Now, he's a married man. This is what hospital staff did to make a dream come true.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A San Antonio man who has had a tough fight with COVID-19 is now a married man, thanks to the help of some caring hospital staff.

Carlos Muniz was supposed to marry his fiancée Grace Leimann in July when he contracted the coronavirus.

"That was the most difficult part for me, was just letting him go into the E.R. and not knowing when I would see him again," Leimann told KSAT.

Leimann said Muniz's lungs collapsed twice and that she almost lost him twice.

He has since been on ECMO, a life-saving machine to help with his heart and lung function.

Once Methodist Hospital workers found out the two were engaged, they knew they had to do something special.

"We were trying to be creative to get people and bring some life back into people and help them continue to fight through what is one of the worst hospitalizations I've ever seen," said registered nurse Matt Holdridge.

That creativity led to a wedding ceremony on Aug. 11.

Carlos, who donned a tuxedo shirt, was able to leave his room while on ECMO with the help of hospital staff.

Grace wore her wedding dress.

The couple was surrounded by family.

"It was a beautiful moment. And all I could see was him as I was walking down the aisle," Leimann said. "I will treasure that memory forever."

Carlos is still in the hospital ICU, but has now tested negative for COVID-19.

Grace said he has a long road to recovery, but she's thankful for the support and love the hospital staff has provided.

"We pray for you every day for the risk that you're taking to take care of our loved ones. Thank you," she said.

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