Air quality in Bay Area worse than Beijing due to Camp Fire in Butte County

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The air quality in San Francisco and parts of the East Bay right now is reportedly five times as bad as what people are breathing in Beijing.

BUTTE COUNTY FIRE: Current evacuations, road closures, donation information

The AQI or air quality index at 9 a.m. Friday was 177 in San Francisco and 179 in Fremont. That's considered in the unhealthy range.

Beijing is at 34. That's the good range. Hong Kong? 63.

VIDEO: Fire whirl whips around Camp Fire in Butte County

New Dehli has some of the worst air in the world, today their number is 237. That's classified as very unhealthy.

But not as bad as Ukiah. Their AQI -- 336. A stunning number that means they are in the hazardous range -- the point at which it's recommended you don't even go outside.

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VIDEO: Poor air quality triggers dozens of school closures in Bay Area
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An Air Quality Advisory has been issued in the Bay Area through Friday due to smoke from the wildfire burning in Butte County.

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