More than 250 couples tying the knot at SF City Hall on Valentine's Day: Here's a look

"We're getting married."

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023
More than 250 couples tying the knot in SF on Valentine's Day
Many couples are flocking to City Hall in San Francisco to say "I do" on this Valentine's Day.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Saying "I do" more than 250 times.

That's what's happening inside of historic San Francisco on this Valentine's Day.

Inside, it was packed with couples using every hallway, alter and staircase of the building to make their love, legally official.

"It's very moving to watch people who are in love and in these moments, they just, all they're doing is looking at each other and absorbing the vows, it's wonderful," Ted DeSaulnier, a San Francisco Deputy Marriage Commissioner said.

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It may not look like much from the outside, but inside an annex room at the Westwood bar in San Francisco's Marina district, is a Taylor Swift fan's dream come true.

DeSaulnier says the city clerk's office has arranged for as many people as they can possibly handle to tie the knot inside of historic city hall, with around 260 couples booked this Valentine's Day.

"We're getting married, we decided to do it on Valentine's day, it's a city tradition here in San Francisco," Zane Easley, a groom said with his bride Ella Stimson by his side.

"Super last minute, but we're super excited, it's a beautiful place, lots of people here celebrating, so it's amazing, we're happy to be here," Stimson said.

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With a classic dip to commemorate their love, Stimson and Easley say they squeezed right in last minute to carry on the Valentine's Day wedding tradition at City Hall.

"I know several people that have done this here and we thought it would be a great thing for us to do, we've lived here for four years now, so this is going to cement us as city residents," Easley said.

Meanwhile, outside of City Hall, another Bay Area Valentine's Day tradition since 1912, a rush to the San Francisco Flower Market.

"We have, I think, every flower that's grown in the planet right now," Jeanne Boes, General Manager of the San Francisco Flower Market said. "This morning, we've had last minute rushes of florists who got orders as late as last night to fill for today, it is still predominantly a male buyer for Valentine's Day, it is still predominantly red roses, they are still the flower that expresses deep romantic love."

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Providing a major boost to local bay area florists like Raul Duenas, out of Hayward, who even had to hire on seasonal help for the occasion.

"It's always like a joy to see flowers create happiness to people," Duenas said.

Each couple getting married at City Hall on Valentine's Day will receive a long-stem rose, candy, and a special Valentine's Day souvenir marriage certificate.

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