VIDEO: 3 women appear to rob San Jose grandparents in broad daylight home invasion

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023
VIDEO: 3 women appear to rob SJ grandparents at home in broad daylight
A brazen home invasion at an elderly couple's San Jose home was caught on camera, where three women stole a safe with around $10,000 in it.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A brazen home invasion at an elderly couple's San Jose home was caught on camera.

On Friday afternoon, Josh Benjach said three women opened the gate to his grandparents' front yard off Story Road.

While two of them asked if they could pick flowers for their sick mom, distracting Benjach's grandfather, a third woman made her way inside.

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Benjach believes the women had been observing his grandparents' house for a while.

"They striked at a very good opportunity where I wasn't at the household, and it was just my grandparents alone," he said. "My grandparents are very fragile, hard of hearing and barely speak any English."

Benjach said his grandmother didn't know someone was robbing them until it was too late.

Minutes later you can see a woman carrying a safe outside.

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Benjach said the safe is only about 20 pounds and had around $10,000 in it.

"What scared me the most is that the person that entered the household had a smile on her face like she was happy to rob my grandparents which hurt me a lot," Benjach said.

Neighbors who live nearby said San Jose Police asked for surveillance video.

Samantha Villegas and her family live two doors down from Benjach's grandparents.

Villegas provided officers with video from her cameras.

"He said that they wanted to know if they came in front of our house after or before or they said they left in a white van," Villegas said.

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Villegas said the most they have to be concerned about is car break-ins. But never a home invasion involving an elderly couple that keep to themselves.

"They're not gathering any sort of income, it's what they have is what they have. And to be stealing from them I feel like it's kind of a new type of low," Villegas said.

Benjach said his grandparents have installed new locks and will be getting more cameras on Tuesday.

"I'm trying to find a new place for them to live so even though they've been there for so long I just don't feel safe enough for them to be there," Benjach said.

San Jose Police say this is an active and ongoing investigation.

"I'm glad to have captured footage of them and be able to share with the public and help others. And if possible catch them," Benjach said.

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