Arrests in San Jose after Halloween night sideshows take over city streets

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It was a very busy night for law enforcement in San Jose. Sideshows took over some streets including one at Gish Road near I-880 in San Jose

Video taken from the scene shows a big crowd of people standing around a couple of cars speeding in a circle. No police were there at this time as cars backed up at the stop light.

The CHP said they had some intelligence that cars were going to take over some intersections in San Jose. Officers say it's risky for people to attend these sideshows.

"It's just dangerous. You're putting yourself at risk. You're standing around vehicles which are doing erratic maneuvers with drivers who are not professionals and could potentially cause injury or death. So we highly encourage people to not come to these events. It's really not worth it," said CHP spokesman Sgt. Daniel Hill.

The CHP says at least two people involved in the sideshow were arrested. Two vehicles were impounded.
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