Coronavirus: Santa Cruz Co. sheriff's deputies get groceries for elderly man who didn't want to leave house

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- Two Santa Cruz County sheriff's deputies sent to check on an elderly man didn't stop with just a welfare check.

Deputies Jacob Cooper and Nick Solano were called to the man's home by some concerned neighbors, according to a Facebook post by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office. The neighbors had grown concerned when they noticed the elderly man hadn't been going on his usual walks to the grocery store for a few weeks.

When they spoke to the man, they confirmed he was OK, but hadn't gone to the store in a while and was running low on some supplies. The deputies made a list and headed to the store for the man, to limit any potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. Wearing gloves and a mask, they dropped off the grocery bags at his door.

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"Some calls for service end at the jail, others end on a front porch with a bag of groceries," wrote the department on Facebook.

"While there are questions about what the future holds, one thing we know -- we'll always be here."

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