91-year-old man gets new home after devastating North Bay Firestorm

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- The last time we met with John Triglia, he was living in a motel room, doing his dishes in a bathtub, and despondent. "It's not like I'm alive. I exist," the 91 year-old former mailman told us two weeks ago.

He's another survivor of Journey's End, where the Tubbs Fire killed two people, burned 120 mobile homes, and left 44 others damaged, unmovable, and condemned.

It's a different story today for Triglia.

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"Okay, this is the guest room," said John. The spring had returned to his step as he moved into a new mobile home. "Now I'm up! And now I can't wait for each day."

John is fortunate. He knows it. While the financial future of his mobile home in Journey's End remains in limbo, he did have some money saved. Enter an old friend identified only as Mike, who gave him the rest. "No strings!" said, John. "But I want to pay him back."

John Triglia knows where he has been, what he has been through, and the depth of his good fortune. "Some of my neighbors lost everything. They got out with the clothes on their back."

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Now, that hotel room and the bathtub where he did all his dishes are a fading memory.

"I got a sink with running water!"

So says the fire survivor who will never again take life's small luxuries for granted.

They're more than baby steps for one survivor they nightmare of Journey's End. "No this is journey's beginning! Beginning a new journey."

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