Puppies training to be service dogs take flight thanks to help from Santa Rosa pilot

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- One of the few bright spots of the coronavirus pandemic, has been the willingness of so many to help those who are struggling.

The pandemic has posed huge challenges for a non-profit that trains these adorable puppies to become service dogs.

Before COVID-19, Canine Companions for Independence relied on airlines to get the pups to trainers around the country, but the pandemic changed that.

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"The coronavirus pandemic made that increasingly difficult, lots of cancellations with flights and things like that," said Michelle Williams. "So we started reaching out to our network, and some incredible private pilots have stepped up to help us, and today one of those amazing private pilots is going on a trip and taking 12 puppies with him."

These puppies are being flown to Dayton, Ohio thanks to Pilot Jeff Stewart, who is also the President of Blue Star Gas in Santa Rosa.

He says it is wonderful to help an organization like Canine Companions during this difficult time.

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