EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Man punched in the eyes during road rage incident in SF neighborhood

"Move the car! Just move your f**king car!" the man says, before reaching into Huy's side window and punching him.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Man punched during road rage incident in SF
Video captured a road rage case in San Francisco's Excelsior neighborhood as a angry driver got out of his car to punch the victim in the eyes.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A scary case of road rage along a quiet residential street in San Francisco is caught on Tesla cam and by neighbors.

One bystander video from the Excelsior neighborhood shows a man named Huy pulling his Tesla out of his driveway around 4 p.m. on Oct. 21.

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Huy says a black Honda sedan came out of nowhere and was so close he couldn't complete the turn into the street. When the man got angry and got out of his vehicle, Huy pulled out his phone to record and also call 911. That's when things took a violent turn.

"Move the car! Just move your f**king car!" says the man, wearing a mask and a Halloween-themed button-up shirt. Video shows him reach into the open driver's side window. Huy says he grabbed his iPhone and punched him in the eyes with such force, the lens of his glasses flies out onto the pavement. Video recorded by Huy's Model 3 shows the lens hitting the ground.

Huy says he just had cataracts surgery so the blow was particularly frightening. A photo from the day the incident occurred scratches along Huy's neck as well.

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This is his message to the people of San Francisco and beyond.

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SFPD tells ABC7 News no arrests have been made. Huy hopes to one day press charges against the person who did this to him.

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