EXCLUSIVE: Video shows terrifying ambush-style robbery, shooting in SF's Mission

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Saturday, October 15, 2022
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 6 men ambushed in SF armed robbery, shooting
Home surveillance video shows a frightening ambush-style robbery and shooting in San Francisco's popular Mission District.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Home surveillance video shows a frightening ambush-style robbery and shooting in popular San Francisco neighborhood. Residents in the area say they're horrified by the crime's brazen nature, yet relieved police have made arrests in the case.

Ring video used in the police investigation shows six men walking along 23rd Street, not far from Mission and South Van Ness, in San Francisco's Mission District around midnight on Monday.

While the men stopped in front of a home, a white sedan pulled up and three armed men got out. One, clad in head-to-toe orange, was even brandishing an AR-15 style rifle.

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In the video you hear him yell expletives and say, "Give it all up."

While some of the victims huddled against a wall or put their hands up, one victim in yellow tried to fight back. One suspect threatened to shoot and when another victim did not back away, a shot can be heard. That victim is seen grabbing his leg and hobbling away.

The bullet hole can still be seen on the home's garage on Friday.

"It is horrifying what's happening in SF," said a woman who has lived nearby for 14 years. "San Francisco has changed in recent years. My kids had to leave the city. They don't want to raise kids in a place that's so scary."

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Police later spotted the getaway car and the three suspects at a business just 10 minutes north, along Folsom. Officers arrested 22-year old Kiemariah Richmond of San Francisco. After trying to escape to the roof of the building, 21-year old Keyari Carter and a 15-year old juvenile were arrested.

Authorities shared a photo of the firearms seized from the trio.

Police tell me they do not encourage victims of crime to fight back and urge citizens to be aware of their surroundings at all hours of the day.

"I can only imagine adrenaline taking over from there," said a man named Ian, who used to live in the area. He continued to comment on the video, saying, "Stupidity, courage, those things. I'm not sure what the line is there."

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All suspects are now in custody on more than a dozen charges each including attempted murder. The juvenile has a no bail warrant out of Alameda County. Richmond and Carter also have two charges each of being a felon in possessions of a firearm.

According to a contractor working on the home where the Ring camera video was taken, the homeowner and his 2-year-old were inside the residence at the time of the robbery and shooting. Because the building is brightly colored, the homeowner is having it painted a neutral color in hopes of deterring groups from loitering outside.

Police say despite these arrests this is an open and ongoing investigation. They ask anyone with additional information to call their tip line at 415-575-4444.

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