Sources say evidence deleted in Air Canada near-miss at SFO

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A key piece of evidence regarding a close call at the San Francisco International Airport last month has been erased.

An Air Canada jet nearly landed on top of planes lining up to take off on the taxiway when a pilot mistook the taxiway for a runway.

A United Airlines Boeing 787 was 29 feet off to the side of the Air Canada flight during the near-miss. According to Boeing, the tip of the 787's tail can be as tall as 56 feet, which means the Air Canada jet could have been just three feet higher than the 787.

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This image provided by the NTSB on Aug. 2, 2017 shows a near-miss at San Francisco International Airport involving an Air Canada flight.


Sources tell ABC7 News the cockpit voice recording was deleted because Air Canada's delay reporting the near-miss to the NTSB allowed the recorder to tape over itself several times before investigators came looking for it.
Federal officials have said there was no requirement to immediately report that runway incident.

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