Silicon Valley is more than high-tech and innovation

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- The Silicon Valley is about so much more than high-tech and innovation - it's also a place of beauty and adventure. The Silicon Valley Central (SVC) Chamber of Commerce specializes in bringing people together.

Christian D. Malesic, president and CEO, SVC Chamber of Commerce explains what a chamber of commerce is: "It's all about helping business people to be better at business tomorrow than they were today, so we're really in the people business and we do that a lot of different ways."

Christian Pellechia, board chair, SVC Chamber adds, "I always like to say that the chamber of commerce is a place where people and businesses and nonprofit organizations can go to get engaged in politics without having to be a politician. It's a good middle ground for businesses to get their word out."

Is your business looking to get to the next level? Membership in the Silicon Valley Central Chamber might be exactly what you need. Visit the SVC Chamber or call today at (408) 244-8244.

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