ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: Couple recalls watching home saved from North Bay fires live on TV

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Thursday, November 9, 2017
EXCLUSIVE: Couple recalls watching home saved from North Bay fires live on TV
A Napa couple is describing the tense moments as they watched firefighters save their Silverado Highlands home live on ABC7 News, while other houses were ravaged by the flames.

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Terry and Bonnie Trexler were watching, and couldn't take their eyes off ABC7 News' live coverage the morning of Oct. 9, as the Atlas Fire raged through their Silverado neighborhood.

"It was frightening. It was sad," said Bonnie. "It was emotional."

VIDEO: Homes destroyed by fire in Napa's Silverado Resort area

Firefighters told ABC7 News crews had to let a home burn near Stone Mountain Circle in Napa to conserve water, so they could save nearby homes.

The Trexlers kept watching from the safety of their daughter's house in San Francisco, even as the fire consumed their neighbor's home on Alta Mesa Circle.

"I was just so despondent. I was screaming at the TV, like I could do something," said Bonnie.

And then, the family was astounded to see a lone St. Helena fire crew standing by to save their home.

VIDEO: Napa family describes watching firefighters save their home live on TV

Terry recalls, "Then you guys panned the camera to our house, and we all broke out in tears. Our grandchildren were there, our daughter was there, and everybody had tears in our eyes because our house was saved."

The Trexlers finally returned to their home two weeks after the fire, to find not only their neighbor's home gone, but virtually every other house around them reduced to rubble. And while they are certainly grateful their family treasures were spared, they are also painfully aware, that so many of their best friends lost so much.

"You want to hug everybody," a tearful Bonnie Trexler explained. "You just have no words to describe the feeling that they have, because you are not them."

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