Vandals make off with Snoopy's dog house in Concord Christmas theft

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Vandals make off with Snoopy's dog house in Concorn X-mas theft
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A Christmas display in the East Bay has been stripped of its centerpiece.

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A Christmas display in the East Bay has been stripped of its centerpiece. Vandals made off with the decoration sometime Monday and the homeowners want it back, no questions asked.

For 20 years, the Weinmann's have decked out their Concord home during the holiday season.

"We just do this because we love it and we love sharing it with the community," said homeowner Mark Weinmann.

He and his wife started the tradition of going all out with Christmas lights in their neighborhood.

"Every year my husband says, 'we're not going to put much out' and every year, we put more," Stephanie Weinmann.

Their gingerbread and Disney characters take a supporting role to the Peanuts Gang right smack in the center of the front lawn.

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"We just redid all the characters about two years ago, so we like to keep it up," said Mark. "I'm a big peanuts fan so we keep on doing it."

The handmade signs bring much joy to the neighborhood but on Monday morning, Snoopy's doghouse disappeared.

"I came out a few hours later, and noticed wires in disarray, a broken stick where it had been," said Mark.

A countdown clock to Christmas was also attached to the doghouse, which carried much sentimental value.

"I was really disappointed because that clock is something my husband and son picked out years ago. They were so excited about it, they couldn't wait to use it," said Stephanie.

No one saw the thieves but some neighbors seem to have a suspect in mind.

"Might be the Grinch," said neighbor Stephen Breithaupt. "We'll have to look for him while we're walking around."

Regardless of who made off with Snoopy' house, the Weinmann's are hoping for a Christmas miracle.

"We'd love to have them back, no questions asked. We're not out to get anybody, we just want them returned," said Stephanie.