ABC7 News Star: Purvi Shah, Kids & Art

THE CARING CREATIVE: "Cancer sucks. Art heals." Purvi Shah has been living that motto since her son Amaey, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 3. Sadly, Amaey passed away 6 years later. Realizing he was happiest when he was drawing or painting, Purvi found a creative way to keep the memory of her spirited little one alive. She started the non-profit, Kids & Art. The organization pairs kids and families who have been touched by cancer with Bay Area artists. Together, they create original pieces using a little imagination and a lot of love. After each workshop, every piece goes up for auction. The proceeds go back to Kids & Art and to other cancer charities.

The whole idea is to give these families a creative escape from a difficult disease. As Purvi would say, "Whether we like it or not, kids do get cancer. We might not be able to take their cancer away but we can definitely be there for them through their journey." See the art, find the next Kids & Art auction, and show your support for this colorful cause at

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