Jeff Goldblum pops up in dinosaur-themed wedding photo

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This creative wedding photo has gone viral over the past few days, but not just for its star power of the fake, photoshopped T-Rex, but of real-life Jurassic Park star, Jeff Goldblum.

According to People, Goldblum was a guest of Pamela and Jesse Sargent's wedding, along with his fiance Emilie Livingston, whom is a friend of the bride. Goldblum has long been associated with his memorable role in the dinosaur-disaster movie Jurassic Park as Dr. Ian Malcolm, the chaos-obsessed mathematician whose warnings of impending disaster go unheard -- until it's too late.

Photographer Adam Biesenthal told Esquire that Goldblum was, "a very cool guy, who when the groom asked him to do this shot he enthusiastically agreed and as one commenter mentioned, was the only one who really got into character. Everyone else kept smiling the whole time!"

Goldblum became engaged to Livingston this July, which was announced via Twitter.

Reportedly, no wedding guest was eaten.

Wedding photos used by permission. Tweet the photographer your compliments: @BiesenthalPhoto

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