Disney's the 'Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure' Exhibit Comes to NYC

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Disney's Jazz Exhibit Comes to NYC
The National Jazz Museum in Harlem, New York has been turned into the Half Note Club from "Soul" for Disney's groundbreaking new exhibit, 'Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure'.

NEW YORK -- The history of Jazz music comes to life at Disneys all-new exhibit 'Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure' at the National Museum of Jazz in Harlem, New York.

The museum, which has been turned into The Half Note Club from Disney and Pixar's 'Soul', features historical photographs, items, and artifacts from throughout Jazz music's journey through history and the United States.

"This exhibit itself tells part of the journey that Jazz took from its creation in New Orleans through different parts of the United States and what it looked like when it landed here, in Harlem," says Tracy Hyter-Suffern, executive Director of the National Jazz Museum.

"When you saw Joe Gardner at the piano and all of a sudden he is so immersed in the sound that is emanating from the keys... it's transformative, and to me, that's what Jazz is," notes Carmen Smith, Senior Vice President of Disney Imagineering. "When you are living your purpose, when you are realizing your dream, you can go anywhere. To me that was the big takeaway, watching 'Soul."

You can visit Disney's "The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure" through August 1st.

Tickets are free, but reserved timed ticketing is required and no walk-ins are allowed. Tickets can be reserved up to one month in advance.

CLICK HERE for ticket information.

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