49ers' Anthony Davis at 1st practice since '14 and in 'best shape I've ever seen'

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Upon stepping into an NFL practice for the first time since 2014, San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis uttered a common refrain at training camps around the league.

"Yeah, I'm in the best shape I've ever seen," Davis said.

Unlike many players, though, Davis was able to offer some statistical evidence of just how far he's come from when he last played in an organized football game.

"(In 2014), I played at about 365-370 (pounds)," Davis said. "Right now I'm about 332."

Following a surprised response from one reporter, Davis looked up and smiled.

"I don't know how I played at that weight, either," Davis said.

That Davis is playing again at any weight is still a recent development. Davis abruptly announced his retirement in June of 2015, saying that he hoped to get away from the game for a year or two to let his body and mind heal.

The NFL reinstated him Saturday after Davis applied earlier in the week. Given the benefit of hindsight, Davis said he still believes his decision to walk away was the right one.

"I didn't miss it right away," Davis said. "I had a lot of work to do on my mind and body, so I knew it wasn't ready to come back and play, so missing it wouldn't have done me any good."

During his year-plus away from the game, Davis occasionally chimed in on social media with perceived shots at the organization, general manager Trent Baalke and left tackle Joe Staley.

Before the NFL draft, Davis suggested that the Niners should take an offensive tackle with their first-round pick. Asked about it Sunday, he implied he was hoping to cajole the Niners into doing what he wanted.

"That was me trying to manipulate emotions to get what I wanted at that time," Davis said.

Asked what he wanted, Davis declined to elaborate.

"It doesn't matter now," Davis said. "I'm here, I'm happy and we're moving forward."

Upon his return to the team, Davis began patching up whatever issues remained with the appropriate parties, including a long conversation with Baalke.

"You can put all of that stuff to rest," Baalke said. "We had an excellent conversation. Everything's in actions. Words are words.

"A.D. and I have had a pretty good relationship, a special relationship, dating back to 2010. There've been times when we've gone at it, and he understands why and we move on."

"Me and Trent, we get into it sometimes but our relationship is fine," Davis said. "So we have a special relationship. Sometimes we bump heads and we get past it. He understands."

Staley said he and Davis also had the necessary discussions to wipe the slate clean.

"We have had all the conversations we need," Staley said. "I'm excited he's back on the football team. And any conversation that he has is for him and we've worked everything out we need to work out. We're all excited he's back on the football team."

Davis spent Sunday's practice working with the third team at right tackle. Coach Chip Kelly has made no promises to Davis, only emphasizing that he gets to work from a blank canvas.

"I told him he's got a blank slate, just like every other player and just like every other coach here," Kelly said. "We're all new. I wasn't here in the past.

"For me to walk in, it's not fair to him for me to have some preconceived idea of what he is because of something that was written or something that he said or whatever. I don't really get involved in that aspect of things. It's really the face-to-face meetings and the talks that I've had and they've been minimal, but they've been productive. So, we'll see where he is and that's how I approach it with everybody. On day one, respect is given and then over time, trust is earned. So, we'll see how that goes. But, I was encouraged in my initial conversations with A.D."
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