Accuser: Hardy upset by Nelly bond

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Friday, May 16, 2014

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Nicole Holder says in court documents that a "short-lived" relationship with rapper/entertainer Nelly led to the domestic violence incident involving Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy.

According to court documents filed on Thursday, Holder said Hardy "has been angry for a while" because of the relationship she had with Nelly, a part-owner of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats.

"The victim advised the defendant has been very upset about this since March and often becomes suddenly very angry," the documents read.

"The victim stated she was lying in bed with the defendant and he just snapped."

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released audio recordings of the 911 calls and radio dispatch concerning Panthers DE Greg Hardy's arrest.

Meanwhile, a judge on Thursday dismissed a request for a temporary restraining order against Hardy when Holder did not show up in court.

Attorney Stephen Goodwin, who filed the request for Holder on Wednesday, withdrew from the case as part of a mutual agreement with the client. He cited irreconcilable differences.

The request for a restraining order was made after Hardy appeared in court on Wednesday for a bond regarding domestic violence charges involving Holder.

In the complaint for the protective order, Holder accused Hardy of tossing her on a "couch covered in assault rifles and/or shotguns" and threatening to kill her during a dispute on Tuesday morning.

Hardy was released Wednesday on a $15,000 bond for the assault charges and $2,000 for the threats. He also was ordered not to have contact with Holder and to attend three Alcoholic Anonymous classes a week.

District judge Rebecca Thorne Tin amended the conditions of the bond on Thursday to require Hardy to turn over all weapons and firearms.

Both Hardy and Holder, 24, were intoxicated at the time of the incident, the judge said Wednesday.

Goodwin said Thursday's dismissal in the civil case had no bearing on the criminal case against Hardy, who in February was guaranteed $13.1 million for the 2014 season when the Panthers placed the franchise tag on him.

Goodwin said he did not know if Holder had hired another attorney or if she would file for a protective order with another attorney.

A source close to the situation said Holder "did not get along with her attorney.''

Goodwin said he had not withdrawn from a case since 1996. He would not comment on when the decision for him and Holder to part was made.

Judge Charlotte Brown dismissed the request for the restraining order, citing Holder's absence in the courtroom as a factor. Holder also was not in court on Wednesday when Hardy's bond was set.

Goodwin would not comment on the strength of Holder's case. According to the arrest warrant, Hardy threw Holder onto the floor, into a bathtub and slammed her against a futon. The warrant also said Hardy was "strangling'' Holder and threatened to kill her.

Hardy's attorney, Chris Fialko, said his client was not the aggressor. Fialko said Hardy called 911 at around 4:14 a.m. when Holder refused to leave his apartment.

Goodwin made it clear on Wednesday that Holder was "not the aggressor by a long shot.''

"It was very violent,'' Goodwin said. "A lot of picking up and throwing.''

Goodwin said Holder went to the emergency room on Tuesday to have her injuries treated.

In the request for a restraining order, Holder expressed her fears when describing what happened during the incident.

"Hardy picked me up and threw me into the tile tub area in his bathroom," the complaint read. "I have bruises from head to toe, including my head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, elbow and feet. Hardy pulled me from the tub by my hair, screaming at me that he was going to kill me, break my arms and other threats that I completely believe. He drug me across the bathroom and out into the bedroom. Hardy choked me with both hands around my throat while I was lying on the floor. Hardy picked me up over his head and threw me onto a couch covered in assault rifles and/or shotguns. I landed on those weapons."

In the complaint, Holder alleges that Hardy had 25 to 30 firearms in his apartment and that "he threatened to shoot me if I went to the media or reported his assaults to anyone.''

Hardy's next scheduled court appearance is June 27.

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