NFL players react to Colin Kaepernick sitting out national anthem

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- More reaction is pouring in from San Francisco 49ers, past and present, about quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting through the national anthem in protest. Now, another NFL players has announced he will also be sitting out the anthem.

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Philadelphia Eagles rookie linebacker Myke Tavarres has decided to join Kaepernick in sitting out the national anthem, ESPN reports. Tavarres told ESPN he almost sat during the anthem ceremony preceding Saturday night's game against the Colts in Indianapolis, and he plans to follow through when the Eagles host the New York Jets in their preseason finale Thursday night.

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Kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem in protest of racism and police brutality in America is making many people stand up and pay attention to the 49ers quarterback. He received support from Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis on this morning's "First Take" on ESPN.

"What he decided to do is to create a peaceful protest that what be a lightning rod that would force you to talk about the issues at hand and that is the issue that African- Americans are facing in this country," said Bettis
Kaepernick's former teammate Alex Boone, now with the Minnesota Vikings, said they would've had a problem on the sideline if they were still playing together.

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"It's almost like disrespectful where you see all these pictures of these veterans that have no legs and they're standing up in their wheelchair. You know, I had a brother who served and he lost friends and I know how much it means to him. And it's just shameful," said Boone.

So far, Kaepernick's teammates are defending his decision. The quarterback says he understands there could be consequences from his actions, like getting cut from the team or losing sponsors, but will continue to sit during the national anthem as long as he feels it is appropriate.

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"I support our flag personally, but I also support someone's right to feel how they feel," said Curtis Modkins, 49ers offensive coordinator.

The 49ers have one last preseason game this Thursday where they'll be in San Diego taking on the Chargers.

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