Rain lands in Bay Area; Caution taken in North Bay to prevent falling trees

Friday, October 28, 2016
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The rain has landed in the Bay Area and it's making for a wet commute.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KGO) -- The rain has landed in the Bay Area and it's making for a wet commute. In the North Bay, people and their pets are preparing for a soaking.

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In San Rafael, people are concerned about a different danger.

San Rafael arborist Natalie Casey spent part of her day examining trees in a heavily wooded neighborhood, the same neighborhood where a 77-year old man was killed by a falling eucalyptus last Saturday.

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"We've gotten about three or four calls so far from just the neighborhood," Casey said.

Casey says eucalyptus can be especially vulnerable because of their shallow roots, but other trees like pines are especially stressed after five years of drought.

"It's good to just have a look at your trees. If you have some movement in them, definitely call someone. If your trees haven't been looked at in a while definitely call an arborist to have a look," Casey said.

Tree-trimming is best done before the rain and wind arrives, but once it hits it's time to break out the storm gear for humans, that usually means umbrellas and such. For dogs like Anya and Jake that could mean a special coat.

"This is a community a of people who love their animals as family, so why not protect them from rain," said dog owner Gina Farr.

Jake's owner said he has a fear of the rain and flat out won't go out in it without his yellow rain slicker. "He won't go out in the rain without his raincoat. He has a lot of sweaters, a lot of different outfits and he loves being dressed up," said Kimberly Hoffman of San Rafael. "He won't go out in the rain without his raincoat."

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