In search of a super bloom, here is where you can see spectacular flowers in the Bay Area

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Here is where you can see flowers blooming in the Bay Area
While there are no poppy super blooms going on in the Bay Area, there are several places to checkout other colorful flower displays.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Feeling like you're missing out on the spring flowers with the poppy super blooms going on in Southern California? Not all hope is lost if you are in need of a Bay Area flower fix.

There are a handful of places right now where you can view some spectacular displays.

"The Bulb Guy" in San Jose is at it again. Rich Santoro planted roughly 11,000 for this year and they are blooming. But time is running out to view them. The display is open to the public every day from 12PM-5PM, but the last day to check it out is Sunday, March 31. It is free to get in but visitors are encouraged to make a donation to charity.

"The Bulb Guy"
850 Gateview Court, San Jose

The University of California Botanical Garden features all sorts of wildflowers. It covers more than 30 acres on the Berkeley campus and is open every day. However you will need a ticket to get in.

University of California Botanical Garden
200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley

If you venture into San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, things are popping at the Conservatory of Flowers. It is open every day except for Monday and you will need a ticket to get in.

Conservatory of Flowers

100 John F. Kennedy Drive, San Francisco

In Napa there is "calla lily lane" or "calla lily alley" which are lilies that have been painted by Ginger Harness. She paints them one at time and they can resemble a collection of Easter Eggs.

"Calla Lily Alley/Lane"
2400 Fair Drive, Napa

If you know of another great location in the Bay Area to view flowers you can contact us.