Super Bowl 2020: Bay Area legends, NFL analysts weigh in on San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl

MIAMI (KGO) -- Radio Row in Miami is filled with reporters asking former NFL players and coaches what is going to happen between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs on Super Bowl Sunday. We caught up with four Bay Area football legends and current NFL Network analysts to get their take on the big game and what it means to the Bay Area.

"I love good football," Former 49ers Hall of Fame Cornerback Deion Sanders said. "I just want a great football game."

While we couldn't get a prediction out of any of the stars, we did find out some of their opinions on the Niners.

One player that will make a big impact in the Super Bowl is quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

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Sanders believes the matchup between the two signal-callers is going to play a key role in the game and that Jimmy G is ready for the challenge of dueling with Patrick Mahomes.

"He's one of the best quarterbacks in the game," Sanders said. "I think winning percentage-wise, he's equally at the top of the game. He's winning in the games that he has performed in, in his career. I love everything he brings to the table."

Sanders adds that he loves who he is surrounded with.

That includes the stable of running backs at his disposal as well as his pass catchers, including Tight End George Kittle.

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Former 49ers Head Coach Steve Mariucci says that he loves Kittle and would've loved to have coached him given four simple reasons.

"There's four categories that your players will fall into," Mariucci said. "Some are leaders, some are producers, some are role players and some are chemistry guys. So Kittle, is he a leader? Yeah, check that box. Is he a producer? Check that box. Is he a chemistry guy? Yeah and he's good for a team and good for a locker room through ups and downs."

Two guys that recognize the success of the 49ers are Bay Area natives former Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew and former Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver James Jones.

While MJD didn't pick the 49ers to succeed this season given his passion for the Silver and Black, he can't help but recognize the success that the Bay Area has had in the recent history.

"I'm an Oakland Raiders and A's fan, that's just what I was growing up," Jones-Drew said. "But this is what I will say: I think it's amazing for people to see positivity in our community. From the Warriors and what they are able to do, to the Niners and what they are doing this year, to the Giants and the Raiders when they were winning, it's been a constant over the last 20 years of just consistency of winning in our area."

Despite playing in a lot of crucial playoff games against San Francisco as a member of the Packers, Jones still has some heart towards his childhood team.

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Growing up in San Jose, Jones watched the success of the team in the 1980's and 1990's and loves to see it return for the 49ers Faithful once again.

"I'm happy for the 49ers fans," Jones said. I grew up a Niners fan so to see the 'Bang Bang Niner Gang' going on out there is great. Last year you were barely scratching to be in third place in the division and now you come in here and you're possibly the Super Bowl favorites. I'm happy for the fans to be able to enjoy it as well as the City of San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Clara, everybody. I'm proud of them."

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