Super Hero Super Bowl Feud: Chris Pratt vs. Chris Evans

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Thursday, January 22, 2015
"Captain America" star Chris Evans (left) and "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt (right).

It turns out even super heroes have favorite sports teams and aren't above a little good humored trash talk ahead of the biggest game of the year. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, aka Captain America and Star Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy," have taken sides for this years Super Bowl.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to believe that Captain America is a fan of the New England Patriots, but it turns out that Star Lord is a loyal Seattle Seahawks fan. Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel cinematic universe, took to Twitter to declare that Pratt was no longer his friend.

Pratt, who played Star Lord in the highly successful "Guardians of the Galaxy," responded in turn by declaring that the only true Captain America is Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Not to be outdone, Evans' next tweet challenged Pratt to put stakes on the rivalry with a tweet that included the hashtags #whatisaseahawkanyway and #somethingtombradyhunts.

Evans and Pratt agreed that if the Patriots lose on Feb. 1, Evans will travel to Seattle and visit a children's hospital as his Marvel character waving a Seahawks flag. If Seattle loses, Pratt will visit a Boston children's hospital as Star Lord but wearing a Tom Brady jersey.