Super Bowl 2020: 49ers Faithful out in force at Super Bowl Experience in Miami

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Thursday, January 30, 2020
49ers Faithful out in force at Super Bowl Experience
Super Bowl Experience opened back up to fans today as Super Bowl week rolls on from Miami. 49ers fans enjoyed the festivities during one of the biggest fan central spots in Florida.

MIAMI (KGO) -- The Super Bowl Experience at the Miami Beach Convention Center is considered to be the most exciting continuous event of Super Bowl week. Fans from all 32 teams were represented, including a strong showing from the 49ers Faithful.

Everyone is having the experience of a lifetime.

"It's cool," 49ers fan Ernie Morales said. "The energy is awesome and the atmosphere is awesome. It's something different. When you watch the games at home, it's awesome to watch with your friends, but when you experience it and your team is here, it's a lot different."

"It's my first time being here," 49ers fan Gary McBride said. "I'm having a great time and I'm coming back."

49ers fans Lisa Mendez and Javier Dominguez came to Miami all the way from the Bay Area to take in the fun for the week.

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They have attended the last five Super Bowls since they saw the fun of Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, Calif.

But this year is extra special for them.

"This is amazing that we are here and our team is here," Mendez said. "It's incredible."

There are so many activities on the floor of the convention center: Hall of Fame exhibits, skill challenges, memorabilia and more.

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There are many favorites to choose from, but the best may be "the precious."

"The Vince Lombardi Trophy," Dominguez said. "We took a picture with it and draped a flag across it. We're here to represent and I hope we bring it home. The Quest for Six."

The Super Bowl Experience will remain open until Saturday Feb. 1, 2020.

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