Super Bowl 2020: Fresno Chaffee Zoo lion predicts San Francisco 49ers beat Kansas City Chiefs

FRESNO, Calif. -- A long-standing tradition at Fresno's Chaffee Zoo carried on Wednesday. The zoo's 3-year-old African lion, Kijani, predicted the San Francisco 49ers to win Sunday's Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Keepers placed boxes representing both teams filled with shank meat, and whichever one Kijani opened first was his pick.

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The zoo says he has a pretty good record in predicting the winner.

"He did predict it correctly before when he was just a cub, so hopefully that intuition is still with him and he's made a correct choice," says mammal keeper Misha Brown.
Fresno Chaffee Zoo lions have correctly predicted the winner of the game three out of four times.

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