Tamron Hall using spotlight to showcase rising fashion designers of all ages

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Tamron Hall showcasing rising fashion designers of all ages
Sandy Kenyon has the latest.

NEW YORK -- Tamron Hall knows she has a big spotlight and likes to use it to introduce her audience to everyone we should know.

All this week on her show, the host is introducing members of her "Tam Fam" to up-and-coming fashion designers.

Ernesto Santalla, an architect getting his start in fashion at age 63, was on the show with his new collection because Tamron is all about success at any age.

"We have an opportunity with this series to meet people who by day have their job, and at night they have their passion," Hall said. "And for me, this was a love letter to fashion. It was a love letter to all the women who made my clothes growing up. My parents couldn't go into department stores and say 'this one, this one, this one,' but they could talk to the woman at my church who made clothes or my aunt."

Tamron Hall airs weekdays on this station.