Emotional exits before 'Bachelor' Joey's rose ceremony even begins

ByJennifer Matarese and Gina Sirico OTRC logo
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Joey decides to end things with Jess on The Bachelor
Joey sends Jess home after she tells him she's falling for him on "The Bachelor."

This week Joey and his top 10 headed to Montreal, Canada. Joey is starting to feel the pressure of falling for multiple women. He said he felt himself starting to hold back some emotions and he really doesn't want women to leave that he cares about. He last had his heart broken by Charity and he doesn't want it to end in heartbreak like it did with her. "I'm not this super energetic here we go Joey, it's not who I am," he said. The producers asked him why he feels to be perfect and he said he just struggles with the fact that he's not perfect. "I have some kind of deep feeling that this might not work out," he said. That's dark, Joey! Where is this coming from?

Gina: That's the thing about being a fan favorite. They see you as "the perfect guy" so you feel like that's what you need to be at all times. But in true "expectations vs. reality" form, no one is perfect. Joey knows it, he feels it and while his instinct is that this process will work, the doubts are creeping in. I hope he can shake it off.

Meantime, the women are pumped to be there in Canada. I was like aww Daisy is excited to be there. Then Lea said, "I would love to ride a moose." Oh crap, she's still here. Maria is hoping that her Canadian heritage will earn her a one-on-one date. Jesse Palmer welcomed the women by speaking French! Oui, Oui! He is Canadian and French-speaking!

Gina: Two years of high school French and this episode is making me realize I remember nothing. Oops. Um, anyway, back to the women. I hope Maria gets that date too. It only makes sense, and it'll make Lea seethe.

Daisy, Katelyn, Kelsey A, Jenn, Rachel, Lexi Lea, and Jess are on the group date, meaning that Kelsey T. and Maria are getting one-on-one dates! Jesse said that he had clues to show the women on the group date around Quebec and that Joey was waiting for them.

Group Date

The group date women met up with Joey and he revealed that he had been struggling before seeing all of them but the women took it all in stride. They picked up some souvenirs, learned a bit of French, and then made poutine at Jesse's favorite restaurant. Jenn made a disgusting pineapple chocolate version and he nearly threw it up but it made him laugh and feel as though they were sharing a special moment. Kelsey A. was struggling on the group date. She felt like she wasn't getting any of his attention and had a hard time relaxing and having fun. Rachel flat-out kissed him while they played hockey. Jess said she also felt forgotten. Everyone seems to be playing nice on this date, but there are definitely contentious feelings brewing below the surface.

Gina: As the groups get smaller, the pressure gets bigger, and they're all feeling it. Regarding Jess, I think we both said it last episode, Jen. If you want something, go for it. That's what everyone else is doing. You don't want to be forgotten? Make him remember you! Work for what you want. It's just that simple.

Cocktail Party - Group Date

The women talked about how they were struggling before Joey showed up and it really seemed to help them. Just as they were starting to make peace with each other Joey showed up and it was awkward. He said they seemed "sad" as he arrived. This episode seemed to really start off on a bummer of a note. These dates and the stress of having a connection and the fear of losing it are causing people to crack. "How are you feeling?" is a loaded question. Katelyn shared her insecurities of seeing his connections with the other women and Joey was really receptive. He also did his best to reassure Kelsey A. "I have zero doubts about us," he said to her. "I'm falling for you," she whispered. He told her to say it one more time and she said it! He kissed her and really tried to validate her feelings.

Gina: It feels to me like they're all feeding off each other's energies. Joey's feeling the pressures and the women know it and now he knows they're feeling it too. And they're all trying to reassure each other. So many emotions this episode!!

Lexi asked Joey what his thoughts were on timing. He said he wanted a 2-3 year engagement and then another 2 or so years married so that they could enjoy being married first. She wanted to know that they could be on the same page when it came to having children. "You showed me a different kind of affection that is patient and kind," Lexi said. She said she has to think about whether she can wait five years to try to have kids. That is a longer wait than she wants with her endometriosis.

Gina: We all see the connection between them. They're electric together. But will the physical limitations of starting a family cause a problem with Lexi and Joey? She seems to hint yes.

Joey told Jenn that she does a great job with little touches, dumb conversations, and keeping him noticing her. "I am falling for you," she said. This is the second woman to say this to Joey in one night! That's got to be slightly overwhelming! "I am on cloud nine," Joey said about Jenn's declaration.

Gina: They are so cute and I do feel like Jenn's mere presence helps take Joey's emotions down a notch, which is good.

Jess' Demise

Jess was spinning out and Daisy told her to just go for it and tell him how she feels. So, Jess told him that she was confident in how she felt about him and that she was falling for him. You could see Joey's face fall..."The problem that I'm having is that when you hear that, you should be able to picture it, but I haven't been able to get there," Joey told her. He told her that she was unbelievable and deserved the world but he was going to cut her loose. Boom. That's the end of Jess. Joey is afraid that the same thing will happen to him. He hugged her goodbye, apologized, and told her that she had done nothing wrong. He put her in a waiting SUV and it drove off with her crying. "That was the last thing that I expected," she said. Joey felt awful.

Gina: I'm sure it was difficult, especially at this stage in the game. But Joey had to look at the bigger picture and if he didn't feel it for Jess, she had to go. It felt right to do it then, instead of making her sit through the other dates and a rose ceremony. As for Jess, after the initial sting, she had to realize that it wasn't going to happen for them. She said herself that they didn't have the quality time to build anything. Just saying she was falling for him was not going to be enough to get her a rose. We'll see you on the beach this summer, Jess. You'll have fun on "Bachelor in Paradise."

Joey revealed that he sent Jess home and the women were shocked. It's getting real! The date rose went to Jenn. She kept it happy and light for him right when he needed it.

Kelsey T.'s One-on-One Date

Kelsey T. was very nervous about her big date. Joey picked her up and they went to a studio where they would be training for Cirque du Soleil! "Today is about trust," Joey said. They had to practice catching each other, jumping, and flying through the air! They really seemed to have a lot of fun together! Well, at least until Joey got a bit sick from all of the spinning around. This poor guy!

Gina: When Joey said, "I feel like I need a Dramamine," I felt that deeply. Those spins were no joke! It did look fun for the most part, though.

Back at the hotel, Lexi is not happy with Joey's timeline for having kids. She was discussing it with Maria who also seemed shocked that Joey wanted to wait so long, but the clock was ticking for Lexi faster than for some of the other women. We'll have to see if she decides to bow out because of this.

That evening, Kelsey T. said she felt amazing although she had an incredible time with him. Joey said that he loved how she comforted him when he wasn't feeling well earlier in the day. "I do have feelings and they are deepening," Kelsey T. revealed. She said that she hasn't had the best relationships with her family, specifically with her dad. She feels the need to tell him about all of this because hometown dates are not that far away. She said her father stopped talking to her for a while because her dad wanted her to focus on their religion and her deciding to go to college wasn't a part of that. So, she went to live with her mom. Joey handled this situation flawlessly. He listened and was incredibly sensitive and caring throughout it all.

Gina: Joey mentioned that sometimes the toughest things that happen in your life can help define who you are. And if that's the case, he has some incredibly strong and resilient women along for this ride, including Kelsey T.

Maria's One-on-One Date

A man showed up and told Maria to head downstairs to meet Joey and he was waiting there with a stretch limo! She was trying to trick him into saying various phrases in French. It was cute. It seemed to be a much-needed, light-hearted afternoon. She was nervous that she was going to be jumping out of a plane and Joey joked that the women at the house were right, that's what they were doing. Maria said she'd push him out of a plane, and he laughed and said he knew she would! But, instead, they went to a shop and picked out a gown for Maria. She loved modeling for him and he loved it too! Back in the limo, this time she tricked him into saying, "I love you" in French. It was so cute!

Gina: I feel like Joey NEEDED this to be able to continue on. And while I think it is definitely Maria's personality, it also feels like she knew he needed to just be carefree for a while. It was nice to see.

But, then they headed to an airfield. Joey assured her that they wouldn't be jumping out of a plane. Instead, they boarded a helicopter. The views were spectacular and so was their connection. They had a genuinely good time together. Maria was so happy she cried.

That evening, they headed to a theater where they could have a private dinner. She told Joey that it was such a special day for her that it made her emotional. Joey kept telling her how beautiful she looked and he agreed that he really needed a fun day and she brought it out of him. Maria told Joey that she was with someone who dangled the prospects of an engagement and now she wants someone who is serious and wants to get engaged and get married. She then told Joey that she loves every moment she's with him and that she's falling for him in ways she didn't expect. Then they got their own private concert and they danced. Joey used that moment to offer her the date rose, which she accepted! Best day ever!

Gina: "1, 2, 3, 4... tell me that you love me more.." That's a lyric from one of the more popular Feist songs and it seemed so appropriate that Feist was who performed for Joey and Maria. They're going to be interesting to watch as the season progresses. I wasn't sure about them in the beginning, but this date changed my mind a bit!

Lexi Talks to Joey

Lexi feared that she and Joey were at completely different places in their lives and she needed to talk to him about it. She went to his hotel room and she told him that she appreciated his reaction to her situation, but that doesn't change the fact that she needs to accelerate the process. Joey said that he was stunned. Joey was hoping that they could figure it out over the next week, but he understands how she feels strongly about it. "You will make a remarkable mother," Joey said. "I'm going to miss you a lot," Lexi told him. He didn't stop her. He said he felt crushed but he didn't chase after her and say, "Let's make a baby!" This was a rough one.

Gina: I have to applaud Lexi for a lot of things: for being open with Joey about her endometriosis, for having the realization that she and Joey did not align when it comes to their relationship timeline and for being OK to walk away, no matter how difficult it was. Lexi seems like a very intentional person, she doesn't just act first and deal with any consequences later. She also wanted to preserve her own feelings, as well as Joey's. She was one of my initial favorites and I'm sad that it didn't work out. Bachelorette contender, anyone?

Cocktail Party

Joey shared his biggest fear with the women, choosing someone and then not reciprocating his feelings. Katelyn told Joey he shouldn't be worried about that. She admires his compassion and emotional intelligence. Joey loved that she tried so hard to make him feel special that evening.

Daisy, who looked stunning in a green gown, told Joey that she had something that was make or break for her - ha, don't worry she just wanted to know if he gives good foot massages. It made him laugh!

Gina: Well played, Daisy! I mean, these are important things in a relationship.

Jenn told him she had a secret. She led him to the piano where she taught him how to play a bit. It was tough because the piano was in a room where all the other women were sitting. The other women all just did their best to go with the flow and lean in to the process.

Gina: This was kinda savage on Jenn's part, but I didn't hate it. Is that wrong?

Rose Ceremony

The women were shocked to only see three roses on the table...this episode will take us from 10 all the way down to six.

1) Jenn (group date)

2) Kelsey T. (one-on-one date)

3) Maria (one-on-one date)

4) Daisy

5) Kelsey A.

6) Rachel

That meant that Lea (Yay!) and Katelyn (boo) would be going home. It had to sting for Lea that Maria was still standing and she was leaving. He revealed that they would be heading to Jasper.

Gina: Bye, Lea. BYE!! Or is it really over for her? In the car on her way out, Lea said she hoped Joey can walk away with no regrets. When the producer asked if Lea had any regrets, there was no answer. Does this mean she could come back and be a spoiler? In one of the previous teases, we see Joey get a note that says "We need to talk." Could it be from Lea? We are going to have to tune in and find out!

Note back to Gina: Um, please, no! Ha, you may be on to something though.

Next Week

Joey will have to narrow the field down to his final four for hometowns. He's still not sure if his doubts about ending up alone are valid or not, he's trying to sort out all of his emotions. It's going to be a doozy of an episode.

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