Recap: Hometown dates end with a big question on 'The Golden Bachelor'

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Friday, November 3, 2023
Gerry and Faith profess their love on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry shares some big feelings with Faith during her hometown date on "The Golden Bachelor."

NEW YORK -- This week, the stakes couldn't be higher. Gerry was meeting the remaining women's families during Hometown Dates. "The Golden Bachelor" is different in that Gerry is meeting their children and grandchildren instead of their parents. Gerry said that he only wants to say, "I love you" to one more person in his life, and he hopes that he can sort his feelings out and do the right thing.

Theresa's Hometown Date

Gerry's first stop was to Shrewsbury, New Jersey to meet Theresa's family. As Theresa ran up to Gerry, I wondered if she would jump in his arms like the ladies do on "The Bachelor," yet she did not, but they both ran, kind of slowly, and gave each other a big hug. Theresa said that she has very strong feelings for Gerry and he said that she made a great first impression on their one-on-one date. She said that she has not introduced any men to her family since her husband passed away.

Mary and Charlotte, Theresa's sisters, her daughter Jen, her husband Matt, and their three sons, greeted Gerry and Theresa. Jen was happy to see how smitten they seemed with each other. "I want this for her. I'm really hopeful, I'm really hopeful," Jen said. Theresa's sisters said they could tell from the moment they walked in that they seemed like a perfect fit. They were over the moon that Theresa was happy and they really seemed to like Gerry. Her grandsons told Gerry, "She comes over a lot because she is lonely." Aww! They seemed really taken by him and joked around and told Gerry that when Nana takes selfies she makes duck lips. "This is precious," Gerry said as they imitated their Nana.

Gerry told Jen that he loves the way that his mom looks at him and that she leans in an listens. "She's a really nice person, genuinely nice person," Jen said of her mother. She asked him how it would work with them living in different places. Gerry said if it's meant to be they will work it out. "Are you falling in love with my mom," she asked. "The last time I fell in love was 1968," Gerry said. "I don't know right now." He admitted that they have a strong connection. Yikes. Her sisters drove home the point that she's a sweet person that could really work well together. "She found her guy," the sisters said to Gerry. "There were several comments that opened my eyes that I could be having these feelings of love for Theresa," Gerry said. Maybe we shouldn't count her out just yet! "I think that you should be the new Papa for us," one of the grandson's said. Jen cried saying that he seemed like a good fit even though no one will ever replace her father. "I would be proud to be a part of this family," Gerry said.

"I am in love with you," Theresa said to Gerry as they rode a Ferris wheel. She took him to an amusement park again! For the first time since 1968, I'm in love again. "I'm in love with Theresa," Gerry said in an interview. Wow. But, will he say it to her? We'll have to wait and see.

Faith's Hometown Date

Next up, Gerry traveled to Benton City, Washington to meet Faith's family. First up, she introduced him to her horses. They climbed aboard and she gave him a horseback riding lesson. As they stopped their horses, they shared a kiss. Gerry said that he's loving his experience there. "I'm completely comfortable with this," Gerry said. Faith said that she wants to stay in Washington. "I'm not sure how we would reconcile it," Gerry said. It seems the distance may be a problem in this case.

Gerry then met Joan, Faith's friend, Brendan and Nick, her sons, and Beth, her sister. Faith is hoping they can provide some insight. Gerry said that he loved Faith's entrance and that he gave her the first impression rose. Her sister Beth said that she sees the wall her sister usually has up is gone. She had tears in her eyes seeing how happy her sister is with Gerry. Brendan and Nick said, "We hope you catch her," about their mom falling for Gerry. He tried to reassure them that he knows it's a huge responsibility. When they asked him if he's in love, he said, "Yeah, I kind of think I am." What?! Wow!

Faith's sister said that she thinks that Gerry and Faith are in love. She thinks he's honest and authentic. He played football with her grandchildren and they all had a great time. Then all of a sudden, in front of the entire family they both said, "I love you." "I had to say the words when she looked me in the eyes," Gerry said. He is super confused. He knows that he loves Theresa and Faith and he doesn't know what to do.

Leslie's Hometown Date

Lastly, he visited Leslie in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Leslie did do a modified version of the "Bachelor" jump and leg wrap upon seeing Gerry. Leslie said that when she was 16, her dad dropped her off at school and never came back for her. Her brother showed up and said that he was her dad now because her dad had gone home and passed away. Her brother is a "Mensch" she said. And she added that she thinks that Gerry is a Mensch too.

Leslie and Gerry met up with her brother, Stuart, her daughter, Chloe, and her sons Eli and Zack. Her daughter is worried about her mom getting her heart broken after having such a difficult time in the past. "He does seem amazing," Chloe admitted. Leslie's grandkids asked him if he loved their grandma and he said that he thinks he does. Oh boy, Gerry loves three women. Her sons are rooting for her. Stuart told Gerry he doesn't want to see his sister hurt again. He added that Gerry is so different than anyone that Leslie has ever dated and that's a good thing. He asked for Stuart's blessing. Stuart said that if it's what they both want, he would give them his blessing. "It would be good to have another mensch in the family!" Stuart said. Leslie said, "After seeing you with my family today, I'm not falling in love with you, I'm in love with you." Gerry then told Leslie that he loves her! Wow, he's in love with three women and has professed that love to two women.

Rose Ceremony

1) Leslie

Before we could get to rose 2 - Gerry ran off to cry outside. He said that he feels like he's going to throw up. He thinks they are both phenomenal and hates hurting one of them.

Coming Up

Next week, we find out the conclusion of the rose ceremony. After we find out who the remaining woman in the final two are, it's time for "The Women Tell All." He apologizes to whoever his #3 woman is for putting her through so much pain. Aw!

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