70 Years of ABC7: There goes that news van and other cool ABC7 vehicles!

ByJennifer Olney KGO logo
Thursday, May 9, 2019
70 Years of ABC7: There Goes That News Van - and other cool ABC7 vehicles!
In 1968, when ABC7 News was called "Newsbeat 7," San Francisco cleared the streets to shoot a promotion campaign with this news wagon speeding around town.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7's 70 years of great news coverage begins with great people, but if you want fast on the spot coverage, great vehicles are critical too.

As we dig through the ABC7 archives, a trend emerges: our vehicles have always been cool.

Check out these promos for ABC7's 1960s speeding news wagons, the 1980s news vans that were "Here, There and Everywhere," the 1996 fastest satellite truck in the world, and our current SkyMap7 that lets you see through the clouds.

Look back with us through the ABC7 archives to witness our unique communities through the eyes of some of the first people to broadcast their stories, as ABC7 celebrates 70 years in the Bay Area.