Tips to stay safe during the hot summer months

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Here are the best tips to stay safe during the hot summer months
Being cautious during the summer months can help prevent heat related illness.

As the temperatures rise, more people are getting out and enjoying the summer days, but that also means the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Heat-related illnesses can cause serious harm, so prevention is the best action you can take. According to AccuWeather, hydration is the number one key to staying safe. This also means avoiding alcoholic or caffeinated liquids.

Other illness prevention tips include postponing outdoor activities for mornings and early evenings, resting in shaded areas - when outdoors and most importantly, never leaving kids or pets inside vehicles.

While outside temperatures ranged between 87 and 93 degrees during those hours, our large thermometer we left inside the car topped out beyond 140 degrees in less than an hour.