Plans revealed for testing cracks in steel beams at Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It could be late October before officials know what caused two cracks in the Salesforce Transit Center. The Center and Fremont Street will be closed through at least October 12th. After that sampling and testing is expected to take another two weeks.

Officials say it's possible the rooftop park could re-open before bus service resumes.

The price tag for the $2.2-billion Salesforce Transit Center is expected to go up by the thousands, if not millions, once officials figure out what caused two beams to crack. Repairs are expected to follow.

Much like an appliance or car, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority says this building is under warranty, meaning whoever is responsible will ultimately pay for those repairs.

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"I'm very disappointed for myself, for my agency and for the city," said Mark Zabaneh, Executive Director of the TJPA.

The beams have been in place since January of 2016, fire proofing material was installed in June of 2016. TJPA says they know the cracks happened sometime after that, they just don't know when.

"As dire as the situation is it's a blessing that we're able to catch it," said Zabaneh.

During a presentation Tuesday to the TJPA board officials outlined the calendar to get the building re-opened.

Jacks will be replaced by a temporary shoring system to relieve the stress on the cracked beams. Once that's in place, Fremont Street will be re-opened; the goal by next Friday.

"At that point in time we'll be able to take a sample of the steel girder, take it to a lab and do various tests," said Zabaneh.

Those tests which will take approximately two weeks will help determine what caused the cracks. A critical piece of information not just for curiosity's sake but because the cause will dictate the fix. There will be peer reviews both before and after the permanent fix is installed.

"It's of course incredibly disappointing to the neighborhood and our transit riders," said San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim.

Riders who will continue to use the temporary terminal until at least late October if not early November.

Officals say the shoring system will support about 2.5 million pounds.

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